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Congrats to Sean Sheedy.. Now can MDA get going?

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So now we have a voice in the ME EC, but what is the game plan?

At this point JavaME is getting kicked around in the industry having groups write their own VMs that are non-complaint with any specs from the JCP (yes Google I'm looking at you). While other companies have outlawed Java or started increasing support for other languages/VMs such as Flash. (Yes Apple I see you, and you too SonyEricsson).

The once pervasive platform is loosing marketshare just like Palm did back when it was king. Maybe we should take time to reflect back on that mess. Sitting on your laurels is not the smart thing to do, and since tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary MIDP2.0 spec going final, it's safe to say laurels have been sat on when such fragmentation is still in the market.

I for one would like to see some support from Sun for JavaME to bring it back to the top.
- No I don't see Mobile JavaFX doing that.

I also don't see letting the market get fragmented, and letting past supporters of Java wonder from the group. Nokia has been building handsets without JavaME, which they said a couple years back all new handsets would have Java on them. Apple isn't allowing Java on the iPhone, but is considering Flash, and Windows Media player. SonyEricsson has their project to inter-communicate with flash-lite.

So now we will hear from the Evangelists saying "Don't panic" but what reason, logic, or proof will they show that JavaME is a meaningful part of the Java platform's future. It feels like we (JavaME community) are seen like a C64 SIG, just a bunch of out of touch fanaticals. Some actions not just words are what is needed, as stated in Kirill's blog
"Trust is hard to build and easy to destroy" We need to get some of the actions into the light so that developers and industry leaders can see the future of JavaME in industry and believe it is a great choice to use and support.

I hope that "Change" will be more than just presidential campaign slogans, but the call for industry and the ME EC to re-ignite JavaME momentum before it falls from the market as Palm has, or makes some gamble, and bad choice, like the folio as some kind of Hail-Mary end-game pass.


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A game plan...

I think you've stated the issues and the risks well. I am preparing a presentation for next months' EC meeting on this very topic, and of course will be including your comments. "What is the game plan?" would make a good title for this presentation.

As developers with only one individual voice in the ME EC, we are very dependent on the other EC members, not only on agreement to a plan but also on their participation in it, because they are the same group who would be implementing it.