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WSIT: Client access to STS SAML token

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Joined: 2008-06-23

If my WSIT client receives a SAML token from an STS whilst calling a webservice on some other server, is it possible to dynamically access this token on the client?


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Joined: 2008-06-23

I should add that the "SAML Callback Handler" option in "Edit Web Service Attributes" is greyed out. Is there something else I need to do to make this available?

Joined: 2005-11-02

With IssuedToken policy pattern, the process on the client side is more transparent.

We will add support for issued token cache and sharing for the next release of Metro.
For now this is not available.

One way for you to do it now is to use the SAMLToken assertion in stead in the service policy, Then you create a custom SAML call back handler to call the STS to get the SAML assertion. I have posted many times in the forum about how this can be done using Metro STS client API.

Joined: 2011-04-08

I would like to know if this was implemented.
I am using metro 2.0 and I need to give my client access to the SAML token returned from the STS.
Is there any mechanism to support this?
Thanks in advance!