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Implementation of MulticastSocket for JXME proxyless

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I am trying to port the Multicast socket implementation of CDC to the proxyless version of JXTA. I need this because the JXSE version of my program uses it and I want them to interact through it.
However, I am not a JXTA expert and I would like to get some helps from the experts (Hamada?). Do you think it is possible to do it or I should forget about it?

My first problem is that the JXTAMulticastSocket extends the MulticastSocket, but this class is not present in JXME MIDP 2.0. Is it necessary to have this extension? Could I avoid it somehow?
Another problem is the InetAddress and SocketAddress that are also not available. How should I proceed? I have seen that the JXTA socket uses Strings instead of InetAddrs, should I proceed in the same way?
I have also replaced the ProducerBiasedQueue by the Unbiased queue, because I have seen that JXTAsocket uses that one. Is it ok?

And this is only the beginning... Any other advice?

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I am interested in such information too...