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XQuery - no use without indexing (?)

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Well, it doesn't fit the JAXP category very well, but anyway:

I am very disappointed with XQuery implementations. There are some data collections in this world (very few!) which have more than 100'000 elements ;) Without indexing the data, searches become slower with growing data amount (worse than linearly!).

- The XQuery standard doesn't specify indexing features.
- The XQJ does not implement any (no wonder, if none are specified).
- I have read about few commercial apps which do indexing for XQuery. (Assuming that Java's ecosystem is opensource, I dare to ignore their existence).

Are there some good workarounds possible, to be able to use indexed XML for XQuery (or XPath)?

This is not relevant for your answers, but here is a post about my experience with one possible (but painful) workaround solution:
I use Lucene to index XML data, so at the end I deal with a bunch of named fields, converted to XML objects, aggregated, and queried using XQuery. Surely, not the best solution.