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Request: help on building/installing phoneME advanced

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Joined: 2008-11-07

Hi my name is Dimitris and I'm for Greece.
I'm working on an PDA application for a PDA (MioP560) with windows Mobile as final year's project for my University.

Although I'm at basic level in JAVA, I'm lost with the JVM problems for small devices.
For start I've used Cre-me which was quite easy and i've managed to do quite a few swing tricks like a moving button, multiple buttons selection, and GPS support (reading serial port with javax.comm library which Cre-me supports).
But unfortunately Cre-me evaluation ended, and now i'm lost....
searching the internet I've found PhoneME, which I've found it as a SUPER interesting project.
My question/request is that although I've read the instructions I'm lost.
unfortunately i don't have Linux, and on top of that i can't understand nothing about the scripting instructions.....
Can someone give me some step by step information.