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How to set up my eclipse project to build a jar file from two jar files

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Joined: 2008-11-13

I use eclipse 3.4.1 on FC6 linux.
My java source layouts are as follows:

My workspace is at:

My build instructions are:
cd /home/twong/java/myjar
javac -classpath ibmpkcs.jar -d . /*.java com/mycomp/cptx/*.java
jar -cf myjar.jar com/mycomp/crypto/*.class
jar -cf myjarx.jar com/mycomp/cptx/*.class

myjar.jar and myjarx.jar are used to build myProc.jar.
cd /home/twong/java/myProc
javac -d . myProc/*.java
jar -cfm myProc.jar myProc/*.class

This is the command to run my application:
java -jar /home/twong/eclipseworkspace/myProc.jar

What is the best way to set up my project to build myProc.jar from myjar.jar and myjarx.jar?

I setup my eclipse project to build the /home/twong/eclipseworkspace/myProc.jar file.
I build myjar.jar and myjarx.jar on bash.
Running myProc.jar in debug mode has the "source not found" error for the source code of myjar.jar and myjarx.jar.
How to fix it?

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Joined: 2008-08-28

If you use Eclipse, using bash is somewhat odd.
To run or debug your app on Eclipse, make sure that jars are included in the .classpath file.