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Java Mobile, Media, & eMbedded Developer Days Schedule Set

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The schedule for the Mobile, Media, and eMBedded Developer Days
(M3DD) has been published and is available at

Like last year this is an action packed two intense days for
intermediate to advanced Java ME application developers. As it stands
right now there are twenty six technical sessions, thirteen lightning
talks, and four poster sessions.

This years Keynote address will be given by Jeet Kaul, Vice President
Client Software Group and Eric Klein Vice President of Java Marketing.
Craig Gerig, the Director of Java ME Development will follow them with a
Mobility Roadmap.

From there on the diversity of Java ME will become immediately apparent
in the technical sessions. Media talks on Tru-2-Way, The New Java TV
Stand for Digital TV in Brazil and Creating Blue-Ray Disc^TM Games and
Menus using Open Source Tools are balanced against embedded talks on
Effective Energy Management Through Java, Squawk for Java ME for
Embedded Devices and Swarm of Brian. Traditional Java ME talks are
highlighted in Does Your Mobile Speak Java FX, MIDP-3 - What it Brings
to Developers, LWUIT, and Mobile Widget Development and Project Cupuchin
- Energizing Rich Mobile Media. We'll also cover the traditional tools
topics of Java ME Platform SDK, Eclipse and special session on The Heart
of Parameteric Development as well as new JSRs like JSR 290: Web UI for
Java ME Applications. Finally we'll show off a couple of the community
projects like Diamond Powder and Floggy.

It's worth noting that while we have thirteen slots for lighting talks
not all of the lightning talks have been selected. These 7 minutes talk
will give you a glimpse into a particular topic and in some cases will
give you an lead in for further discussions that you can have with the
presenters during the four poster session times.

And of course we're planning another dinner just like last years at the
end of the first night at Maria Elana's Mexican Restaurant. It's the
perfect ending to the first day's activities.

So right now you've got enough information now to pull the trigger and
sign up for the conference. No more I'll wait till the schedule comes
out before I commit. Early Bird pricing of $175.00 is available through
November 22 and is a $75 savings over the standard conference price.
Seating is limited and if we sell out with the Early Bird Special
pricing we won't make any additional seats available (the building is
only so big and being a historical building expansion is discouraged).
You can register now at

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