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how to connect jxta peer on the internet

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i am new to jxta. i have done connecting two jxta peers on the LAN using bidipipes.but i dont know how to connect the jxta peers on the internet. can anyone help me in providing me some tutorials on this problem.

or i got the idea that there should be some rendezvous peer or relay peer from which the jxta peer connects. but i dont know to create a rendezvous peer so that every jxta peer in any NAT can access it. and how the rendezvous work.

please tell me,
thanks in advance

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Joined: 2008-01-24

you should have a look at the
NetworkConfigurator class of the jxta api.
You must use rendezvous and relay peers of
the jxta project or create your own one.

You should try the communication in the basic NetpeerGroup

You can use Jxta NetMapView from the jxta project pages
to view all peers of that network.