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JSF - Facelets - How to change locale?

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I am a little bit helpless. I try to change the user locale (Language) used in my Web application independent form the users browser and OS settings. But it did not work.

I have a typical faces-config.xml with locale support for english (default) and german (de):


In my facelets template file I try to set the locale fixed to 'en'

But my application shows always the german (de) resources.
I did not understand why I cannot change the locale in a view tag to a fixed value

I am using facelets 1.1.14
and also RichFaces 3.2.1.GA

Thanks for any help.

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I don't know if it has an impact on your problem, but you shouldn't repeat the default locale in the list of supported locales. Deleting the default properties file is definitely a bad idea, as you are deleting your fallback file...

Joined: 2006-12-09

it seems that the

only work if a ressource bundle with the locale sufix '_en' is provided.
Everything works now if I provide 3 ressouce files: and are identically!
But if I delete the file always the file wins before the default properties.
I did not expect such a behavior :-(

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Did you try to delete the Tried that on my project an everthing seems to work as expected.