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Tracking Java Versions using Google Analytics

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off topic?

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Not really... he's just expounding on the weaknesses of deployJava.js.

The sad thing is that there really isn't even a comprehensive table listing all of the scenarious for which it will and will not work. :(

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I would appreciate you moving this discussion to another thread. I'd like to focus exclusively on tracking Java versions here.


as for deployJava.js capabilities, I have already mentioned I filed a BugParade issue. Once Sun issues a public bug id I will post it here.

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I've just added steps to the blog, showing how to drill-down based on Java versions using "Advanced Segments".

According to my statistics:

- 92% of visitors have Java *or* MS JVM installed
- But, only 43% have Java installed (as detected by deployJava.js)

These statistics were collected off a small site aimed at non-technical users. The sample size was 92 users which might be too small to draw any reliable conclusions.

Still, in my view this is quite worrisome: only 43% of web visitors seem to have Java installed.

Guys, please post your statistics! Be sure to describe your target audience and sample size.

Joined: 2008-03-14 is one of the central blogs for the panographic photography community.
Some of the best panographers in the World participate there (I'm not one of them).
There is an ongoing discussion about which is better -- Java or Flash. Most panographers
there use Flash. Java is held in low regard for all the same reasons that we complain
about it here. Still, it would be a good thing to know which version of Java the
visitors to Panoguide use.

I started a thread in the site feedback forum suggesting that Panoguide make use
of your tracking idea. The blog itself is a custom blog written in Java by James Rigg.
He's a good guy and very smart.

Maybe you could post there an introduction to your idea and instructions how to do it.

Here's the thread --

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I would love to find a way to better integrate these metrics into Google Analytics so it displays the percentage of visitors having each version, and then allow me to drill further down and track down the referrals/sources behind each version.

Does anyone have an idea how to implement these things in Google Analytics? Is it even possible?

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Nice work. I put it in my index page.

I get so few visitors it doesn't really matter but
it's an interesting experiment.