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jMaki 1.8.1 Release is Out

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi all,

We have released jMaki 1.8.1 which is a significant update to jMaki. In the release you will find:

1) Brand New Plugins for both Netbeans and Eclipse. The plugins are now broken into two for both Netbeans and Eclipse to allow us to support non-Java EE platforms.

2) We have HTML support for our Widgets. This work started from some code we wrote for the Webtop to do JavaScript based widget loading. This was a significant update to jMaki and allows us to not only support HTML but to also support composition of widgets where we load the widgets dynamically. All the libraries and widgets have been modified to allow for dynamic loading.

3) The Ajax Performance Enhancer is now a core feature. This is a huge step for jMaki in that it allows us to server up jMaki applications more efficiently and it uses the client server nature of jMaki to the fullest. I suspect this feature alone can really differentiate us as a project and there is still a lot of room for us to grow this feature.

4) Widget updates for Yahoo (2.6), Dojo (1.2), jQuery UI (1.5b), Scriptaculous (1.8.1), and Google.

5) The jMaki Resource Center - With our new plugins we now have the ability in both Netbeans and Eclipse to upgrade widgets after outside of the plugin release cycle and we have created to facilitate this. In the case of eclipse access to the download center is embedded and we hope to get it embedded in Netbeans in an update release.

6) The Listener API for JSF along with the ability to add extensions library dependences is now part of core jMaki.

Get the latest from:

Or use our Glassfish / Netbeans / Eclipse Update Centers to download the latest.