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deployment issue Eclipse 3.3.2 Tomcat

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Joined: 2008-11-07

When I follow this example I can create all the pages and drag and drop no problem.

When I go to deploy I am using tomcat and I noticed that there are no libraries deployed.

When I navigate Project Explorer from within Eclipse the libraries are not there.

Do I have to copy the AJAX libraries into my project? If I use Glassfish are the libraries already deployed on that server?


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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi Jim,

Which version of the jMaki Eclipse Plugin are you using?

Also are you seeing any error messages in your application?

Have you tried to refresh the top level project node and then do a new Project->Run As Server.

I suspect there might be an issue with the files getting synced up between the plugins.

You may also want to try giving the Glassfish server a spin.

The glassfish plugin has a lot of nice sync features and the creator of the plugin is on the jMaki team as well so we can get you some help if you have issues.


Joined: 2008-11-07

I want ot use the terget platform and in this case it's Tomcat.

No Errors in log.


I can drag/drop from jmaki perspective and the snippets disappear when I switch to java.

Are the jmaki and dojo libraries supposed to get added to my project, that would seem logical. How can I add them manually?