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JTreetable expand node programmatically

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Joined: 2008-11-06

Hi all.
i try to expand the node of my TreeTable programmatically but i haven't effect.
I add TreeExpansionListener with a system.out.println to my jtree and when i try to expand node with
expandRow(row); or expandPath(path)
i get

"Expansion event, path [it.dpe.gestione_preliquidazioni.vo.RowRootVO@1015a9e, it.dpe.gestione_preliquidazioni.vo.RowRootVO@688954, it.dpe.gestione_preliquidazioni.vo.RowRootVO@6de609]"

but i f i expand the node with a mouse click i have
"Expansion event, path [numero, Partita CICCIO]"

for the same node.

Any idea?