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CodeExplorer - IntelliJ Idea plugin for code analysis

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Joined: 2006-12-22

CodeExplorer is plugin for IntelliJ Idea that helps to explore method call chains.
Its tool window shows methods and calls between them on a handy diagram.
Now you can see usages and structure of several methods at once!

Working with plugin consists from:
- adding methods and calls between them to the diagram (executing commands from the Analyze menu)
- working with the diagram: clicking on nodes, switching navigation mode (structure / usages), changing display options

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Joined: 2006-12-22

CodeExplorer 1.1 is available:

[b]What's new:[/b]

- new menu item: method call chains to specified method from class, package or module

- Method calls in class menu item replaced by method and calls in... (shows methods from class, package, module or project)

- added method tooltip: method sigrature and colored source

- can delete selected nodes from diagram

- changed display option: show class names as camel words instead hiding

- save / load diagram from file

- synchronize diagram with current sources

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