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Double App launch using 6u10 webstart

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Hi All,

I have noticed that when a user updates to 6u10 from say 1.5.x_x that the application gets launched twice instead of once. After the install webstart only launches the application once.

Has anyone else seen that behavior? If so, is there a fix?


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Joined: 2009-01-19

Hey, same issue here with my game!

Here is my post on


I've ported my game to Java SE 6u11 concerning the deployment aspect. I use the deployment toolkit (deployJava.js). Pretty cool and useful feature! The issue with it is that it starts my game 2 times instead of 1. Note that the issue happens only when Java isn't installed and Java 6 gets installed in the process. I've used JWS for many years and never experienced this issue before. Here is the javascript code I use:


I host deployJava.js because I needed to have another copy that I modified to start the same game in French and I wanted to encapsulate the deployJava var so I renamed it deployJavaFr in the modified js file.

Here are my web start files:

Incredibuilder Extensions
Jerome Blouin
jar ressources



Incredibuilder! (c)
Jerome Blouin -

2D Action Puzzle Game


Try the game to see the issue at
You'll need to uninstall all JRE that are 1.4.2 and higher.


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I have noticed the same thing in my JNLP application as well. I don't know why it does this. What I did notice though was that one copy of the app runs directly through the new plugin. The other seems to run through the browser. I know this because on one of my testing boxes, the browser is configured to ask me what to do with the .jnlp file. The default is to run it through webstart. If I click ok, this second copy of the application runs. Both copies of the app use the same 1.6.0_12 JVM. Why is this happening?

Joined: 2009-01-19

I don't know but it would be great if Sun investigate this. Without help from them, it's really hard to progress in this issue.