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Dragable applets -- you screwed that up too...

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Joined: 2003-08-24

> The Java Plug-In in 6u10 represents a complete
> rewrite of the applet support which was necessary in
> order to get to a point where we can feasibly resolve
> the outstanding bugs. The previous implementation and
> architecture were unmaintainable. We are working on
> addressing both new and previous bugs. Many
> longstanding bugs were fixed as part of the new Java
> Plug-In and will be reevaluated and closed in the
> future.

This is precisely the sort of thing I am advocating. There are plenty of other hornet nests, especially in Swing, that could use this form of "refactoring".

On a related note: what happened to Sun's plans of replacing BugParade with something more friendly like Atlassian Jira? I believe that a lot of user resentment comes from being unable to communicate with the Sun evaluator. Very often bugs get closed with incorrect evaluations, users leave comments and those get completely ignored. Open-source issue tracking systems work very successfully for everyone else. It could do the same for Sun.

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Work is (or should be) ongoing in the OpenJDK project to use an open bug tracking system.

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Thank you for your insightful comments!

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May I say something here. demonduck's colorful comments, and sarcastic remarks may come across as bit off putting. But I think underneath all this sarcasm there is some good merits to his points, and I urge you guys to look beyond the negativity of his style, and address the issues that he raises for whatever they are worth. I am pretty sure his show of frustration is because he cares about the Java platform. So, for instance would have anything more to say with regard to the detachable applet issue that he raising here? I haven't tested it myself but it seems like a sever limitation to me, and deserves more attention that given so far.

Same deal with the plugin tray icon issue, where the user experience aspect of it is very crucial to the success of Java as a RIA platform. He, as well as other bring, up a lot of good points in this regard, albeit in his own unique way, as shown here for instance:

And here, I also think it behooves you guys to give his, and others feedback more consideration if you truly want your underdog RIA offering to be competitive. In fact, I am even surprised that this tray icon discussion has dragged on for so long when in fact the outcome should have been a slam dunk from day one for removing it. Especially when there are better alternatives as suggested above, and it has become increasingly clear that the tray icon approach is not the way to go for many reasons, particularly when none of your main, more formidable competitors use this approach.