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Hot to update dynamically a table with dynafaces

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Joined: 2008-08-26

I have a little problem with my project.
I am using dynaFaces for ajax and i want to dynamically update my table with dynafaces.
Now i have tryed all stuff i found in internet but it does not work and i really don't understand why.
I show here my example:

<p>                0}"></p>
<p>                    = tariffarioattivita.batchSize}"/> </p>
<p>                     tariffarioattivita.itemCount}"/></p>

I have used ajaxZone tag and the commandlink when clicked lounch the dynaDestroy that accept an ActionEvent
the problem is that when i press the destroy command link nothing happens,
I saw in internet and my code look right for me there is somebody can help me?
Thanks in advance

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Joined: 2008-08-26

Hi there,

Ok i have resolved my problem using fireAjaxTransaction; It works fine and it is fast too but i still get a problem, i have this code:

This code get messages from server and tells to the user if something is gone bad or not. But i don t know why when i use this code
DynaFaces.fireAjaxTransaction(element,{ execute:'table1', render:'table1,body,zone1', postReplace:'fisheyeRefreshAjax'});
when i lounch the ajax transaction i get an alert saying "zone1 not found". Why?
i really dont understand, maybe h:messages does not work with fire ajax transaction?

Joined: 2004-05-06

I would do the following:

1. Try the page without dynafaces and see if the intended behavior works.
2. If [1] works, then I would use a JavaScript debugger like firebug to see what
kind of errors are happening.

I don't see anything immediately looking at your markup.