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Routing of media RTP through mobicents server in a media session

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Joined: 2008-10-17

I require to transfer RTP via mobicents server instead of client peer to peer connection with the session setup through Sip Proxy, Sip Registrar and Call controller modules of the mobicents server.

As of now the server redirects the Sip INVITE to the other client and hence the media session is established as a peer to peer connection with the other client.

But my requirement is that the server after receiving the Sip INVITE from one client should modify the SDP body (ports to listen) of the INVITE and send it across to the other client. In this way the server would be in session with one client listening to the media packets from the client and then forwards the media packets to the other client which would listening for packets from the server.

Is there such a functionality available in the mobicents server as of now?

As far as I had researched MMS demo service(in provided a functionality wherein a session is established between the server and client as the 2 endpoints but no forwarding to another client could be seen.

Please let me know of any service that should be deployed to acheive such a functionality.

Thanks in advance

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Joined: 2008-09-08

Hi All,

I am using call controller example where the packet is not transferring through media server.
Please let me know any configuration change to make the voice packet transfer through media server. If you have any example code please share it.


Joined: 2008-03-21

Hi All,

I also require the same functionality as discussed in the thread. The Mobicents server should be present between the two endpoint UAs media session so that it could act as media getaway to route RTP packets through it from one UA to the other. This functionality could alleviate problems such session establishment for clients behind NAT, storage of media sessions and other such requirements.

Could anybody let me know if Mobicents server can be made to work this way? Any pointers can be of great help.

Thanks in advance guys!!!!!!!!


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Use mms-demo as guide how to connect UAs through packet relay endpoint

UA1 ---msConnection-PR1---MsLink----PR2----UA2


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Do we have a sample code for this kind of implementation?

If so please share the source code or the code snippet.