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Simple JXTA Server problem.

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Hi , I've tried to do simple Message JXTA Server ,
Lets say 4 person is behind a network , to make communication between all 4 person.
I've made 1 JXTA_RELAY_SERVER code :
Netbeans 6.1 Code :

Its just supplying communication between all peers.

I've made message pipe server , which is acting as virtual server and opening JXTA Message Server :

I've made message pipe client , which is acting as virtual client and opening JXTA Message Client :

Message Server <=> JXTA_RELAY_SERVER <=> (Message Clients) x 3

But I cant make communication between Server and Clients,
Whats the problem ? I couldnt solve.
I've debugged codes , they skip on

It cant join peer group...
Please help!!!

AuthenticationCredential authCred = new AuthenticationCredential(subPeerGroup , null , creds);

MembershipService membership = subPeerGroup.getMembershipService();

net.jxta.membership.Authenticator auth = membership.apply(authCred);
//isReadyForJoin returning false!!! Why ??? I couldnt solve
if (auth.isReadyForJoin()) {
} else {
System.out.println("unable to join sub PeerGroup");

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You can take inspiration from the examples available at to set-up the Membership Service (see Chandra & Dimitri).