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Java Permissions on Mobile Phone

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Joined: 2008-10-31

Hi guys,
i've try to search for help all over internet and i'm kinda lost now.
maybe i'm in the wrong forum, but anyways..
i got a phone with java esmertec in it (htc touch)
i have installed google maps but java keeps asking me for internet permissions.
there is no option to always allow the program.
the problem is unthrusted but i have no idea how to make it thrust.
i think i need a certificate but really, i have no idea what to do..

anyone can help me out?

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Joined: 2003-06-15

I've not used Esmertec's jmeVm so I'm not sure of it's features.
However most VM's on phones have an Options setting. (usually accessed from highlighting the MIDlet and using a softkey labeled as Options.)

Here you should have the ability to set an "always allow" permission.

The other option is to put into the Jadfile a permission setting to allow http connections.

Now this assumes that the JAD file isn't signed and that you can download it and the jar file to install from the device. This might be able to be done by saving the Jad&Jar file to an SD card then selecting the Jad from the SD and having it install it.

Hopefully that can give you some ideas.