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JXTA Public Relays ? & Simple Sample plz help

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Hi i've 3 questions please help.
1-)Does someone know any public JXTA Relay List that Sun provides ?

2-)I need simple p2p connection over relay , rendezvous does somebody have any easy to understand sample ?
Relay Server
Rendezvous Server
Client 1
Client 2

3-) How can i open Relay Server myself ? Any very basic code for that too ?

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Joined: 2008-01-24


these are the peers to be set to NetworkConfigurator
enable http incomming ant outgoing, too.

Use them in the basic netpeer group for starters

Then you can communicate in a WAN network

Have a look to the jxta NetMapView Project.
It shows all peers in the network, there you can see if your
peer is in too.