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Some Confusion

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Joined: 2006-05-25

Ok, I am starting to work with JavaFX... Can somebody take a moment and explain:

1. What is the difference between JavaFX and OpenJavaFX? Are they on different release cycles?

2. What is the difference between the preview SDK and releases of the SDK (like 1.0)? Is there a way to get/use the non-preview versions?

3. I just read J Weavers blog about the usage of var vs attribute and I had downloaded the latest build of the preview SDK and found that attribute was still required on classes. Why is the preview not tracking the SDK?

Just a little confused. As an early adopter I am happy to suffer, but confusion makes the suffering worse. We are killing new Java technologies with all of this "nomenclature" voodoo!

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Joined: 2007-10-23

I can try to answer a couple of these for you:

#2, The difference is refinement of the SDK, new features, bug fixes, etc... just like any preview release and RTM release really. But I tried to get a current build and use it, but there are a lot of issues doing that, and it was heavily advised to me to just stick with the preview SDK and wait for the official SDK version 1.0.

#3, I read that too, and the preview SDK is like a very early snap-shot (my understanding anyway), and naturally, things change with feedback from developers such as yourself.

I agree that the doco out there is crazily out of date and hard to follow, but hopefully that will be cleaned up when SDK 1.0 comes out. Plus, its no fun if its too easy! :)

[i](thats my understanding anyways, someone can correct me if im off on any of these points)[/i]