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CustomItem focus

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Joined: 2008-10-24

how to make focus on customItems that are inserted into another customItem?
i have a table (customItem) and i want to focus every cell(which are also customItems) in part

I know about traverse method, and i overwrite it in table class and also into cell class(both classes extends customItem) but doesn't work

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Joined: 2003-06-15

Time to play 20 questions I guess.

-Is the system calling into those methods, (ie. do you have a System.out.println() in there and does it get called).
-Does the traverseOut method get called.
-If either of the above are true what do in these methods
-Do you keep a list of these items around and in the order they should be traversed in
-Did you override getInteractionModes() to return the direction to flow in
-Did you try adding a repaint() to traverse before returning,
or do you have any repaint() calls in your customitem, if not what prompts repaints
-What are you adding these too for display support? Canvas, Form, GameCanvas?
-What do you add the cells to the table customitem? How
-Are their parts of the table customitem that the user needs to traverse in, or just the cells
-If just the cells then why is table a customitem, maybe it should extend from something else

Suggestion: get Jonathon Knudsen's book "Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA" or one of the other fine Sun published books that go over custom UI development. There are several items that must be hooked together correctly.


Joined: 2008-10-24

I appreciate your help Shawn.Thank you very much for your support.