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Changing Titles and Catch MainMenu call

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Joined: 2008-10-01

Hello all,

I'm using several titles for my BD-J app to show something like "Menu" on the player display when I'n in the Main Menu and show time info when playing clips. Also I can then easily use the Play button in my menu title which is interactive.

It seems to be very important to stop a running player before switching to a playlist with autostart!
If it is not stopped WinDVD crashes. (haven't tested on other players)

I can control everything nicely by receiving ServiceContextEvents. When I get a PresentationTerminatedEvent I just stop my player.

The problem starts when I try to access my Menu or a Title via Title search or Disc Menu Button. This makes the player crash again because I don't get the terminated event.

Is there a way to receive the DiscMenu call so I can react to it?

I know I can disable Title search and DiscMenu call but it would be nice to use it.

Thanks a lot!

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Joined: 2008-10-01

Many experiments later... some thoughts and tests.

In the HDCookbook they write that I should get a NormalContentEvent when the title is changed. This seems to be true but it's still hard to handle.

In WinDVD I get a NormalContentEvent for changing the title and another one for starting the playlist. In Scenarist QC I only get an event for the title change...

And the best of all: if I press Main Menu Button I don't get the event although the player switches to Disc Menu Title 0. So was it all in vain? Is it a WinDVD problem?

Any experience with that?


btw. HDCookbook tells me I need this permission file but doesn't tell me where to save it. Is it in the CERTIFICATE folder like the signature file?

Thanks elBoB

Joined: 2008-10-01

something I found out on my own:
the permission file is in the folder of the application and is called


it should be utf8 and in my case it looks like this:

This makes title changes work on my samsung.