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[Jersey] Tomcat & Index Pages

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Paul Sandoz

Hi Cam,

On Oct 28, 2008, at 8:23 AM, Cameron Jones wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've just encountered an issue when deploying to tomcat, it seems
> that if you have an index.jsp page in the webapp tomcat bypasses
> jersey and serves the page itself.

I am not familiar with Tomact in this respect, but get the same
behavior with GF.

Is this a bug in GF as well as Tomcat?

I also find with GF that i cannot forward to from servlet to JSPs
because the forward get consumed by the servlet as well. Again i do
not know if that is a bug or not.

> i also tested in jetty which is ok and doesn't have this issue.
> on a side note, has anyone had any success with proxy-ing tomcat
> through apache using ajp but on a different context path? i have an
> app deployed in tomcat which has it's own domain and virtual host
> configured in apache, what i would like is to be able to redirect
> all requests throguh to tomcat but using the deployment path, eg:
> => ajp://localhost:8009/app
> i can see how this could complicate generated urls but it seems like
> a fairly common requirement to have no support whatsoever. off-
> context so sorry if this is noise.

Can't help you on that one, but maybe others on the list might know.


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