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JXTA p2p file's transfer

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Joined: 2008-10-24

Hi, my name is Daniele an I'm italian.
I wan't to find or create a library for an application that copy some dates from an host to one or many host, "similar" FTP. I'd like to use the P2P to increase the velocity of the upload when this is from 1 to many host.
I have look a tutorial in italian for JXTA, but I don't understend if it's possible to break the files in many parts whith JXTA, because in this case I have a good distribuction of he file in destination's hosts.

Is this possible?
Is just there a p2p library for file's transfer in this mode?

Have you got some examples?

Thank you.

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Joined: 2008-01-24

distributing file larger then 8 KB directly by sending them on a Pipe seems
not to work in WAN network.
But you must keep in mind if you are using http transport or tcp transport.

But you can share file as large as you want. Problen the other peers must request
that file. But you can use the pipe to send messages to make the other peer
do that request automatically.

You also can split up files and send them in smal parts, encapsulated in java
objects, and put them together on the other peer.
I did this already, works fine for video transfer, even on multicast peers.

But you should read the tutorial to understand what jxta is up to, nothing to do with

Don´t forget you need for transport in the internet WAN also some rendezvous
and relay peers which are reachable (not behind a firewall). The set up seems for
me the most complicated thing to be, even though the exyamples in the tutorials are all fine but more in a LAN set up.