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Publish Pipes remotely in a new created or joined group

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Joined: 2008-01-24

making some changes to my application i found out:

I´m using the rendezvous peers from the jxta project

1. for some reason I don´t understand why a few time I was able to find
remotly published pipes (via ModuleSepcADV) and use them in MyJxta
Group, not one of mine.

2. publishing pipes in the NetPeerGroup and using jxta multicast and
normal pipes I was able to send and receive different kind of messages.

3. Discovery service for the NetPeerGroup was quite fast and very reliable

4. Only the rendezvous peer and local peers shwo up, when searching for peers.
How do find all peers?

Creating groups and publishing them is also easyly done, but published pipes don´t show up there, only in a Lan network everythings works fine.

Do I have to config my Peer in a special way in NetworkConfigurator?

How to do that?


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Joined: 2008-01-24

i did some more extensive test in my WAN setup, and everthings works fine just
using the NetPeerGroup.
Only joiniing groups and publishing pipes ther does not make the
pipe available for some remote peer but still for local peers.

If I really have to make some relay peer or rendezvous peers in that group, to make
the pipe reachable remotely, the thing would be much more complicated then
a normal user would like to do.

That relay or rdv peer must be reachable without firewall, too?

That does not make sense to me, because the group is already published on the
Discovery servce of the NetPeerGroup.
It can be found remotely by other peers.
So why the ModuleSpecADV can´t be found remotely in that group but only

Still would like to have some proper answer, Or some links
to some more informations, the tutorial seems to avoid this subject, too.