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build error in linux-mips/javavm/runtime/segvhandler_arch.c

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I have found following error in building phoneME for MIPS32.

linux-mips/javavm/runtime/segvhandler_arch.c|21| 26: error: asm/ucontext.h: No such file or directory

In my toolchain's include path, I cannot find include/asm/ucontext.h.
ucontext.h locates in include/sys/ucontext.h

If I replace

#define ucontext asm_ucontext


//#define ucontext asm_ucontext
#include ,

I meet the following error message:

cc ../../src/linux-mips/javavm/runtime/segvhandler_arch.c
../../src/linux-mips/javavm/runtime/segvhandler_arch.c: In function 'handleSegv':
../../src/linux-mips/javavm/runtime/segvhandler_arch.c:104: error: 'mcontext_t' has no member named 'sc_pc'

In fact, my toolchain defines struct ucontext as

/* Userlevel context. */
typedef struct ucontext
unsigned long int uc_flags;
__uint64_t uc_flags;
struct ucontext *uc_link;
__sigset_t uc_sigmask;
stack_t uc_stack;
mcontext_t uc_mcontext;
int uc_filler[48];
} ucontext_t;

It does not have the member 'sc_pc'.

I think that the structure for process state changed.
And it may be in mcontext_t which is defined like followings:

/* Number of each register is the `gregset_t' array. */
CTX_R0 = 0,
#define CTX_R0 CTX_R0
CTX_AT = 1,
#define CTX_AT CTX_AT
CTX_V0 = 2,
#define CTX_V0 CTX_V0
CTX_V1 = 3,
#define CTX_V1 CTX_V1
CTX_A0 = 4,
#define CTX_A0 CTX_A0
CTX_A1 = 5,
#define CTX_A1 CTX_A1
CTX_A2 = 6,
#define CTX_A2 CTX_A2
CTX_A3 = 7,
#define CTX_A3 CTX_A3
CTX_T0 = 8,
#define CTX_T0 CTX_T0
CTX_T1 = 9,
#define CTX_T1 CTX_T1
CTX_T2 = 10,
#define CTX_T2 CTX_T2
CTX_T3 = 11,
#define CTX_T3 CTX_T3
CTX_T4 = 12,
#define CTX_T4 CTX_T4
CTX_T5 = 13,
#define CTX_T5 CTX_T5
CTX_T6 = 14,
#define CTX_T6 CTX_T6
CTX_T7 = 15,
#define CTX_T7 CTX_T7
CTX_S0 = 16,
#define CTX_S0 CTX_S0
CTX_S1 = 17,
#define CTX_S1 CTX_S1
CTX_S2 = 18,
#define CTX_S2 CTX_S2
CTX_S3 = 19,
#define CTX_S3 CTX_S3
CTX_S4 = 20,
#define CTX_S4 CTX_S4
CTX_S5 = 21,
#define CTX_S5 CTX_S5
CTX_S6 = 22,
#define CTX_S6 CTX_S6
CTX_S7 = 23,
#define CTX_S7 CTX_S7
CTX_T8 = 24,
#define CTX_T8 CTX_T8
CTX_T9 = 25,
#define CTX_T9 CTX_T9
CTX_K0 = 26,
#define CTX_K0 CTX_K0
CTX_K1 = 27,
#define CTX_K1 CTX_K1
CTX_GP = 28,
#define CTX_GP CTX_GP
CTX_SP = 29,
#define CTX_SP CTX_SP
CTX_S8 = 30,
#define CTX_S8 CTX_S8
CTX_RA = 31,
#define CTX_RA CTX_RA
CTX_MDLO = 32,
CTX_MDHI = 33,
CTX_EPC = 35,

/* Context to describe whole processor state. */
typedef struct
gregset_t gpregs;
fpregset_t fpregs;
} mcontext_t;

But I cannot make sure what field should I use for sc_pc.
Is there anyone who knows the answer?

Previously, I used gcc v3.4.6; Currently, I use gcc v.4.2.0
Thank you.

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