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MR3 linux_fb_gcc build????

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Joined: 2007-05-30

I've been using a build of phoneme-feature MR2 on OpenMoko for quite some time. We've been isolating churn, so our OM build is from about Feb or Mar 2008--good enough for what we're doing, but very much not up-to-date.

I decided to bring phoneme up to MR3. Our build process is tied into the OM bitbake build process so it's a little non-standard. However, I just wanted to point out some of the problems I've run across in getting it to compile.

In jsr120/build/share/common_defs.gmk, line 196, we have:
# Platform
#include $(JSR_120_DIR)/build/share/$(PLATFORM).gmk
include $(JSR_120_DIR)/build/share/platforms/javacall.gmk

This forces it to use javacall, but there isn't a linux javacall implementation. In MR2 there was no need to build javacall, and I thought it strange to need it in the MR3. I changed this to:

# Platform
include $(JSR_120_DIR)/build/share/platforms/$(PLATFORM).gmk
#include $(JSR_120_DIR)/build/share/platforms/javacall.gmk

This let me go further.

Then I found in jsr120/src/share/protocol/sms/native/master_mode/smsProtocol_master_mode.c:
in the function jsr120_send_sms, on line 90, there is a reference to "&bytesSent".

MR2 had a different signature for this function that included an output paramenter for bytesSent. In the MR3 implementation bytesSent is undefined.

I added jint bytesSent = 0; just before the call.

A fallout from not building javacall, the file abstractions/src/cldc_application/native/share/kni_utils.c depends upon javacall_defs.h, which in turn includes javacall_platform_defs.h (only available in win32_emul version).

I manually included these in the abstractions/src/share/include directory to get kni_utils.c to build and changed the platform defs to be GCC friendly types

And now I'm running into more dependencies on javacall, specifically calls to javautil_* functions in kni_utils.c

I looked at the subversion tree, and while MR3 has "javacall" and "javacall-com" components, there is only a "javacall" component in subversion.

Can someone point me to the correct files to include in a linux_fb_gcc build to build javacall for MR3?