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How to override deployment.proxy.type at runtime?

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I have a signed applet started using a jnlp file and a browser. The security is set to all-permissions. The jre is 1.6.0_05.

When it is started with a browser using a proxy, those proxy properties are set as deployment.proxy.* properties. The problem is all network sockets open from that applet are forced to use the proxy settings; if I change the deployment.proxy.type property to 0 within the applet, the applet behaviour doesn't change. If I add that property in the jnlp as , the applet reports those new values, but the effective values are those taken from the Control Panel. The only way to override the browser proxy settings is by changing the proxy type settings in the Java Control Panel of Windows XP before loading the applet.

Is there any way to change that in the jnlp or in the same applet?


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I have same problem, did you found a solution?