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Question regarding version numbers

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The Download section on does not mention any version number - there are no branches or tags in the subversion directory. Yet, the Maven repository refers to version 3.0.1.
My question is: do the jars listed on the project's main page are the same that the one in the maven repository (version 3.0.1)? Are there any plans to tag the subversion tree?



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I'm curious, in our environment, we don't tag (as in version control system tag) any snapshot builds because its not recommended to use them in production. However any build that doesn't have -SNAPSHOT on the end, we must tag, because otherwise a defect in the code will be much harder to track down if we just know we have a jar labeled 1.1, but nothing in version control claiming to support that version.

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Hello Toto

Jar files on the are the latest, (current version is 3.0.1 )
Maven repository has tagged jars because it can't substitute the old jar with the new one
and requires to add the new jar with a different tag

So there are two alternative ways to get the latest jxlayer.jar -
directly download it from the project site or download the latest version from the Maven rep

I prefer to keep it this way


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Thanks for the clarification Alex.