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still error occuring after setting a permanent PATH

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I have set the PATH permanently entering the correct location of the bin folder. Then I attempted to compile the file moving the current directory to D: where my Java folder is. However, javac was not recognised as an internal or external command. I have spent hours trying to troubleshoot this problem to no avail. The folder locations are correctly entered. Please suggest me solutions.

Thank you in advance

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Obviously, you did not set the PATH variable correctly.

The only advice I can give may sound a bit harsh: learn your operating system first, before learning how to develop applications.

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Hmmm ... interesting perspective!

I believe that operating system mechanics and programming are two distinct skills and that it is possible, using an array of tools, to produce interesting and worthwhile applications with a limited knowledge operating systems.

This forum is to discuss the tutorial. The key discussion point here is not whether the OP understands the operating system well enough to learn how to develop applications but whether the tutorial provides sufficient information for ALL comers to write a line or two in Java, and see the result.

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The only way I could get this to work was to copy the source file into the jdk6\bin\ folder on my computer and run javac from there.

If you are interested in more detail, it's in my Java
on the subject.