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Swing uis can't be clicked until Windows restart. Keyboard navigation fine

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Joined: 2004-02-02

I have had a very strange issue with the Swing UI of our product randomly not being able to be selected (jtextfields, jbuttons, etc) both via touch screen and mouse. At the time when it is problematic you can operate the application perfectly using the keyboard. You can lauch ANY Java swing application and it acts the same way so it is not only related to our application.

The application is a Point of Sale (POS) which does not have a keyboard attached to it (except when needed to exit with this problem) and the user doesn't have access to Windows (XP) when the problem occurs randomly while using the program. Once it happens it cannot recover until you restart windows.

I have tried this on java 1.4.2_06, 1.4.2_18 and the latest jre for 1.5 with the same problem. The only time I have seen something similar was on Windows 2000 when LogMeIn was installed. Uninstalling the program fixed the issue without any trace of it again. Interestingly this has never occurred in Windows XP alongside LogMeIn in 100's of installations. The computer running the POS did have LogMeIn installed but it has been removed and it continues to be problematic. Interstingly it only acts up on a Friday evening (twice in a row now) when it is extremely busy.

I have checked mouse \ pointer settings etc. Nothing seems out of the ordinary (and would unlikely reset after a reset anyway).

Any advise on what could cause such a disturbance to Swing applications? Everything else in Windows continues to operate without a problem.

Thanks in advance.