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Event-model diagram for GEM/MHP/Bluray?

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Joined: 2008-10-10

I wonder if someone could please point me to any diagrams that would be useful in explaining the flow and relation of events in GEM/MHP/Bluray?

How do MouseListener, KeyListener, FocusListener, UserEventListener, HActionListener relate, and how do events fire through them? Which of these interfaces can be ignored for most purposes in a minimalist design. What is best practice?

Do events propogate in a heriarchal UI fashion? Bottom up or top-down? How can events bubbling be controlled?

How do AWT/HAVi objects implicitly intercept focus/mousedown/keydown/up etc actions, if at all, or does the UI designer need to add a listener that changes (for example) a HTextButton's color to show focus / selection?

Many questions, I am sorry. Thanks in advance!!