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Would Sun support real developer platforms like Linux and Mac!!

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Well Sun has done it again. We can now have an early access to the new WTK 3.0, but only if we want to use that( IMHO awful) Redmond Washington OS.
What is Unix too foreign to Sun to write a development tool for first? Oh no they will go to that old excuse that "all developers use windows" BS! All the developers I know use Linux or Mac to write their code, even James Gosling hasn't used Windows for years relying on Mac and more recently Solaris. Come on Windows is that OS that companies force their developers to use because well, "it's free 'cause it came with the system". Free, no there is a cost.

Didn't Sun buy a VM (VirtualBox)? That means you can write a linux version or even solaris version first have a vm image folks can download with it and run on the free vm. That way you get twice or three times the product exposure with a single download. This could keep your code line simple while promoting Unix, and your own software rather than promoting the horrid mess we have had thrust upon us by Bill and Balmer.

So how many years are we going to have to wait till you find time to build a WTK for an os that the rest of us use? Another year and a half like we had with 2.5.2?


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Sorry, but why are you assuming WTK and the Java ME SDK are pure Java? Consider all the functionality these tools have, how many of the API and platform features can efficiently leverage the desktop OS, and the requirements for the device emulation layer in terms of performance and accuracy. You will find that delivering this with a pure Java stack is not a very useful proposition - neither for Sun nor for the developer.

-- Terrence

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Understand your frustration with the platform support situation - I'm also a Mac user and would love to have first-rate Mac support for mobile development.

Please keep in mind that the Java ME SDK is an EA, designed to get it out into the hands of developers as fast as possible - that's a key reason it is limited to one platform right now. This ME SDK has a lot of goodies that fundamentally improve portability such as using the NetBeans platform as the application framework as well as using phoneME as the emulation platform - both are much more portable than the corresponding components in previous WTK versions. This is an indication where Sun is going.

The reality is that supporting additional platforms is a lot of effort - even using virtualization solutions (which aren't always perfect and/or well integrated) - effort we'd currently rather spend on making the tools full-featured and solid. Sun is very aware that there is a demand for additional SDK platform support. Take the FX Preview SDK as an example: It was specifically also released on Mac OS X because the target audience for FX Script is designers and creative folks. So having an FX Mobile emulator for Mac OS X in the near future makes perfect sense. I believe you'll see the tools situation acellerate over the next six months.


-- Terrence

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> The reality is that supporting additional platforms
> is a lot of effort

And I thought Java is all about write once, run everywhere ..