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6U10 Reinstall Int Er 2753 - Ran Fine 2nd time, today

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I am running Windows XP Pro at Service Pack 3 V 5512 on a Sony VAIO with 2 GB of Ram.

The update to 6u11 from 6u10 went smoothly, and the dummy update seemingly uninstalled without any problems.

However when I was re-installing 6u10 using jre-6u10-rc2-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe it crashed with Internal Error 2753, Regutils.dll.

I could not find that error anywhere - the closet I found was Error 2755.

In C:\Program Files\Java there appeared to be all of the usual files but the crash had supposedly rolled back the install so I was not sure if the uninstall of 6u11 had not run correctly.

Then I cheked in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin to see the version of regutils.dll and it was 6.0.11XX.

Since the link to verify that 6u11 installed showed that is what happened, I can only assume the uninstall of 6u11 failed and reported incorrectly that it ran OK or it did not remove all of the files.

I was now stuck with Java 'something' installed or partly installed and no reference to it in Add/Remove programs etc.

I searched for a program called Revo Uninstaller which not only uninstalls software, it does deep registry scans for leftover entries and a similar thing in all of the folders and files.

Problem was I had no reference in the Installed Programs to use.

I re-ran the 6u10 install, it crashed again with Error 2753 and prior to hitting the "cancel" button for the crash. I ran the Revo Uninstaller because an entry had been placed in the Installed Programs list which would have been removed if I had hit cancel.

The Revo program uninstalled what it thought was 6U10, removed all Java references from the registry and deleted all of the files from C:\Program Files\Java.

Using jre-6u10-rc2-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe I was able toi successfully re-install 6u10.

I am attaching what files I could find - I suspect there should be more - as well as screen shots from the initial failed 6u10 reinstall.

Now that I am aware of what happened, if it helps., I am happy to go run it all again, this time doing manual verification that what is displayed on the screen as happening, did in fact occur.

The cause of it all will remain a mystery - Java 6u10 had been running fine, but perhaps things can run fine even with undiscovered problems.

The zip file contains

The other attached file is some of the screen shots of the failed 6u10 reinastall


John J

I created a new restore point, and a fully registry backup, and then re-ran the Patch In Place procedure amnd it ran fine.
I am not sure what could have caused the problem first time round, but the outcome is that I now have a very clean 6U10 installation.

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The 6u11 uninstall had problems. That is tough to diagnose without an MSI log.
Internal Error 2753 could be caused by 6u11 uninstall leaving C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\regutils.dll 6.0.11XX.
Any ideas why?

The rollback logic isn't very good. Files left in the installation directory, C:\Program Files\Java\jre6, were probably causing the problem.

Bug ID: 6645033 is for Internal Error 2753. regutils.dll

Sun Microsystems

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2753 The File '[2]' is not marked for installation.