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TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer 2.0 released

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2.0 release of TDA available. This release includes:

  • Tool now is available as VisualVM plugin.
  • Skip broken thread dumps.
  • Custom Thread Categories.
  • New Welcome Screen.
  • Small Adjustments to support SAP JVM Dumps (slightly modified from SUN Dumps).
  • Small Adjustments to support HP JVM DUmps (slightly modified from SUN Dumps).
  • Icons of monitors with high contention now have a red background (issue 13).
  • Multiple Selection of Threads (issue 11).
  • Stack line count is now also set in long running thread result (issue 19).
  • Read heap information from Sun JDK 1.6 Dumps and display them.
  • Thread Dumps or logfiles can be pasted from clipboard (issue 20).
  • Internationalisation (only english available so far, not finished yet).
  • Extended Help, now uses javahelp.
  • General Bugfixing.

A more in depth release announcement including download information can be found in my blog.

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Where can I download TDA 2.X. Can you please give me download link. I am not able to find anything in download link