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JAX RPC x XML RPC question

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I work as a technical team leader and one doubt came up to my mind while generating an Apache Axis server skeleton for a project under way.

Basically, I was wondering whether or not JAX RPC and XML RPC are interoperable technologies, in the sense of an interface connecting through SOAP common request/response pairs both a client application based on one of these technologies and a server based on the other one.

Today we have a production XML RPC interface between an IBM client and a third party company server. We were planning to migrate our interface end to Axis without asking the other company to touch their end for reducing the project dependencies and overall duration. Could such an arrangement work ? Or is this design condemned to fail due to the fact that both ends are required to migrate to Axis as a dependency for an operational interface ?

Any help would be appreciated,

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Joined: 2008-10-01

AFAIK both are technically different and hence an existing XML RPC client cannot access JAX RPC service without changes. If at all JAX RPC migration is really needed at server side, as a short term solution, you can retain the existing XML RPC service interface at server side and change its implementation to a simple adapter that talks to JAX-RPC service by converting JAX-RPC request/response to XML-RPC request/response. You may have to watch for response time trade offs.

(Does axis has a way to expose an XML-RPC service? - i guess it doesnt)

Note: To avoid this naming confusion, the latest JAX-RPC release is renamed to JAX-WS.

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Thanks Kumar for clarifying things !!! Your explanation was very clear and to the point.