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So what is Sun doing about JavaME on the iPhone?

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Well there has not been any real content posted here so I figured I might ask this question.
With Adobe spending time and resources to put the Flash player on the iPhone and announcing it(1,2), where is Sun with porting Java SE or ME onto the iPhone?

While Sun and Adobe have both had their respective VM products (Java/Flash) stated as items that will NOT be allowed or supported on the iPhone/Touch, it would seem that Adobe paid no heed to that warning. Has Sun done the same??? Last I heard some developers in their spare time jailbroke an iphone and had a PhoneME version running on it. Kudos to them.

However what investment, pressure, talks or discussions has Sun been a part of with Apple to see if we (Java Mobile Developers) have a place in their app store or on the device?

So unless Apple shoots down Adobe it would seem that Java Developers have been left out of the party, asked to take our code and go home. This is truly a sad state of being we are in, the language that invented the mobile application market is being kicked to the curb and we have no one coming to the rescue. Et tu Gosling?



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Sorry for the slow reply.

The official answer is: "Sun has a strong desire to have a JVM for the iPhone. We continue to have discussions with Apple on this and many other topics."

Not very satisfying, I know, but unfortunately that's all I can say at this point. Also, I hope you understand that I cannot comment on Adobe's plans for Flash on the iPhone - that is something only Adobe can answer.

-- Terrence

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Lets hope that the change in the iPhone's NDA will allow to create a JMV for the iPhone.

Or at least that Sun puts the ball on Apple's side creating a port and submit it to approval


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I'm very interested in Sun's response to Shawn's question and would also like to know whether there are any plans in providing a port for the Android platform.