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[webtier] Re: Is there any way to map a virtual directory to a real path in domain or web

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Jan Luehe

Yes, what you are looking for is supported in GlassFish.
These blogs should help you get started:


P.S.: Please use for any GlassFish
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questions going forward.

On 09/23/08 12:26 PM, wrote:
> The subject line wasn't long enough for the question to be as clear as it could have been in the forum....
> Anyways, what I'm looking for is something which acts like the Orion servers orion-web.xml tag virtual-directory inside of glassfish. An example is below:
> This directory can exist outside the web application. This is handy when on a server with low file space with file shares for growing directories etc. Anyways, I need something similar to this in GF. I know I can probably do something similar with a Filter, but I don't want to unless necessary.
> Thanks,
> Wade
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