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jmaki & Ruby - no love story ? no indepth tutorials for REST/CRUD ?

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Joined: 2008-09-17

After googling around for weeks for the best Rails/Ajax/Rest framework
i'm still not sure if jmaki is the right strategic option for me.
Coming from Eclipse/Rails+some js, I tried jruby/jmaki/Netbeans because first it felt like playing with the big guys. The demos/tutorials looked very promising.

I found a nice beginner's tutorial on jmaki with Rails (as NB ruby project), a beginner's tutorial on restful jmaki (as NB webproject without Ruby).

But without some deeper documentation and full scope examples tuned to Rails flavor it is impossible to bridge the gap from Rails to Rails/jmaki. Is this the reason why so few people seem to utilize this fantastic jmaki ? Rails community is very quiet on it.
Perhaps they have the same questions like me.

Today you have to look onto many candidates for frameworks. And you need a lot of expertise to judge what survives the next year. But not everyone has time to dive through this. The Rails community seems to split their forces onto too much frameworks, down to relying on one-man shows. Jmaki would have the potential to win the shootout.

And what about REST ? For Rails guys making jmaki restful again introduces that amount of J* exposure which they wanted to avoid with the help of jmaki.

I want to make sexy, future-proof applications based on industry standards. Jmaki (with Jersey?) would be so great!

From my view an example like this would make it easier to leverage jmaki with rails:

1. In Netbeans a Ruby project is created (2nd best:Web App)
2. A two-or- three table app with has_many relationships is defined.
3. Controllers and views are equipped with jmaki.
4. Views allow full CRUD operations on each row of parent and child models e.g. in grids. (Science Fiction: do layout with GUIbuilder). Drill down from model to model.
5. Full navigation via e.g. accordeon
6. The whole thing is RESTful...

Part #2: Enable this app for Webtop - mashup of coupled models

How are the chances to get such a realworld feasibility app ?

Do I have to wait 1 or 2 years until Chad Fowler or Mike Clark writes "Advanced Rails Recipes - the jmaki/jersey way" ?

Somehow the momentum of jmaki seems to have degraded. Is there a roadmap ?
How much support do you get from your company to drive this ?


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Joined: 2003-07-31

I suspect you found Arun's tutorial which is a great start at:

This will get you there with CRUD. jMaki and it's widgets are designed with REST in mind. As far as Ruby goes you won't have the proxy but you can easily write the code in Ruby to support the widgets. There are examples with Java and I hope to get some JavaScript (Jaxer) server code out soon as well.

As far as the "J" in jMaki. The "J" is for JavaScript and not Java ;-) jMaki can be used with many different server languages or even just HTML if that works for you.

As for jMaki and Jersey a good simple example can be found here:

I think these should get you on your way with the general concepts.

I have two public examples of the Webtop which is more REST friendly in Java and PHP. You can find those at . I can help you get one ready in Ruby if you would be willing to share the code in a blog ;-)

As for jMaki momentum we have been focusing on quality / docs while my focus has been getting the support in Eclipse better. We are hoping to push new bits out once the Eclispe plugin (which is now pretty much done) is more tested. If you want to ask questions or talk with the team we are on irc at #jmaki usually 10am - 7pm weekdays.

Joined: 2008-09-17

thank's for your offer, i will come back to that soon.

i realized that using jmaki with rails without sound developer background is somewhat too eager.. As an IT manager beeing out of development for 20 years means you have to walk a long, hard way to get your ideas implemented.
I'm just rushing through "Pragmatic Ajax" to "fast-forward" to the point you started with jmaki..
What makes it so hard is you can't buy a book, but have to collect all the details by reading tons of blogs. But i'm making progress and have the first samples running with jmaki events and Rails.

see you