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PowerDVD's javaLog.txt buffered and unsynchronized?

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Joined: 2008-07-22

Has anyone noticed System.out/err writes in PowerDVD's javaLog.txt seem to be buffered and unsynchronized (I am using PDVD build 4407)? When I try to use System.out for runtime debugs, and follow the log file with tail, etc, some events are discarded, or delayed writes which make realtime analysis very difficult. Its almost as if there is no flush() before close, or thread overlapped System.arraycopy type behavior happening. Some event writes also have split content as if the Writer impl were not synchronized.

I'm trying to stick to a minimalist approach by using System.out (and its redirected log file facility in PDVD), and would prefer not to use an overlapped console/Component or sockets. I;d like to know what builds if any other are successfully using.