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Getting started with BD-J development article, Part 1

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To all interested parties,

I'm working on a two part series that will provide an introduction to Blu-ray development with the BD-J APIs. This first installment covers the following items:
* Basic Requirements for BD-J Development
* What the BD-J Platform Can Do
* BD-J Specification and APIs
* Understanding the Blu-ray Profiles
* Xlets and Xlet Lifecycles
* Creating Your First BD-J Application

If you have no idea on how to get started with BD-J development, then be sure to check it out:



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This is awesome information, thank you.

Cannot wait for part 2.

In part 2 are you going to go into any detail on how to access the local file system / vfs?

Debugging tips would be helpful as well!

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Thank you for posting this.