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In which file does the KNI provide memory allocation functions?

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Joined: 2006-05-05

When I reading the multitasking guide, I found the following saying:

In native code,when you allocate memory, use KNI field access to store the pointer in the private field. When you free the memory, use KNI field access to store 0 in the field. Using the K Native Interface(KNI) field access avoids race conditions.

Does the KNI provide memory allocation functions? In which file?

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Joined: 2006-09-25

I think this refers to the allocation from native heap, malloc allocation.

KNI itself does not include memory allocation functions.

Joined: 2006-05-05

Hi! danila. Thanks for your answers. May I have your email? In my office i cannot use icq etc. chatting programs. These days, I met a tough problem.

When I put my built midp for wince arm to my smartphone, I got an error.
Firstly, I put the whole midp directory into the directory \Temp.
Secondly, I put the appdb directory and lib directory into the \My Documents\java directory.
Then I run runMidlet.exe. It displayed the logo picture phoneme feature mr3, then it changed to the menu with two options: Install application and manage certification auth.... But in less than one second, the program exit without any indication.
Then I tried to remove the file MIDletSuiteLoader.class and run the runMidlet.exe. This time the logo picture didn't appear.
For this reason I guess the MIDletSuiteLoad class can not find something to load, so the program exited.

I tried many ways to find out what happened. I wrote some code about writing some trace information to a file, I wrote an native method to write what happened in java class to a file. Finally, I stopped at the function primodial_to_current_thread. Since this function is not writen in c language, so I have no way to trace it. Could you please guess what happened to this situation by your experience?