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WebSphere on T1000

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Greetings List..

I hope this isn't too off topic or off the wall one.. but I have some questions and hopefully somebody has already solved this.

I have some Sun Enterprise T1000s I'm installing WebSphere Portal 6.0 on and the performance is horrid... The install itself took 3 times as long as it should and the installed portal itself is extremely slow. I've been searching for ways to optimize this and have yet to find anything. I would think that the multi core nature of the box would be a great place to run java intensive applications like this, but I'm starting to wonder now.

I've installed the cooltuner software, but it hasn't seemed to make much difference if any.

I guess my target question here is would there be some options that I can pass the bundled hotspot jvm (1.4.2_16) to get these processes running a bit faster...

As far as the box stats go, the cpu(s) mainly sit pretty idle, I'll catch a process at times hitting 4% but nothing intensive, I also have plenty of ram and the swap doesn't get touched.. iostats look ok too...

Thanks for any insight.

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It's important to remember that a T1000 class machine is a throughput
machine. As an analogy, if you want to get around a race track as fast
as possible, get a Ferrari. However, if you want to move as many people
around that same track in the shortest time (and at the lowest cost), get
a bus. Clearly, the Ferrari will get around the track faster, but with only
2 people on board, but the bus will move 100 people around the track
in a much shorter period of time that the Ferrari can. You have a bus,
so don't expect race car like performance.

To get the most out of Sun's Niagara based processors, you really need
to be running on 1.5.0_10 or later, as there were significant parallelization
enhancements in that release, which help the T1000/T2000 and similar
machines, but also help with any multiprocessor system.

You can also look at the following tuning document, in particular, look
at the tuning recommendations for throughput.

Much of what you find here is 1.5.0_10 and later, though. Some of these
recommendations will also help with 1.4.2, but some of the options listed
here are not supported in 1.4.2 (and will result in an error message from
the JVM).

Finally, you mention the system is relatively idle. The Niagara based systems
shine only when the system is very busy. And only when the application is
multi threaded (or you instantiate a large number of single threaded processes,
each handing a portion of the load). Much like flesh eating plant, Audry II, in
Little Shop of Horrors (who always says 'Feed Me!'), this system wants to be
fed - you'll see the throughput benefits of this system when you put some load
on it. Otherwise, it's a bus with 1 passenger competing with the Ferrari - you
just can't expect it to shine in comparison.