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Related Chinese type method question

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In case u don't see the other forum, I cross post it from the other guy's article here, sorry

I need repay Swing Desktop application bug which openjdk 1.6 b25 JRE will later exist:
This is the related Chinese type input method question:
In MS in the XP environment, we need to input Chinese character,
when in change uses different input method in XP Chinese OS,
input method will show " Candidate character "
The frame by chooses the Chinese character for us which the key chooses assigns to fill in quickly

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It is a known issue, You can monitor the bug(6743433) here:

this bug is already fixed for JDK7, and fix is also expected for 6u12 release.


Joined: 2003-07-26

6u12.......My god, it's too long for me, our application has been deployed to customer's site already. Jre6u10 is the only workable version for me because of the -Xmx property. Is there anyway to raise its bug fixing priority?

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Suggestion: Stop making new releases. Start fixing bugs...