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Web Start applications cannot be launched offline

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In an earlier post I reported that web start applications could not be launched offline from the command line. I reported this bug here:

However, the situation is even worse than that. Without a network connection, in my experience at least, they cannot be launched offline from the Java Cache Viewer either. (I hadn't realised this earlier because I still had the network connection).

If you are developing web start applications, please vote for this bug. For me, this is a showstopper. I have customers who need to be able to launch the application offline.

Thanks for your time,

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Have you tried netx - an open source implementation of webstart. Redhat has resurrected the project and is using it for the 64bit openjdk. Check the following. You can get the source and modify it yourself if need be.

Joined: 2006-07-30

Thank you for reporting the issue. I have confirmed the issue and created a CR for it with Bug ID: 6750208.

Roger Y.

Joined: 2006-11-09

Yep, you're right. I've confirmed the problem and this is another showstopper. Sun, I have clients that run webstart apps on their laptops while not connected to the net. You cannot assume all users will always be online. Do you guys actually test anymore?

I think it's time for me to look at some other way of installing Java applications that support auto update. Denova have JExpress so I might try that. (Anyone have experience with this product?)

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Does your JNLP specify that your app can be offline? Elements "offline-allowed" and "update" are responsible for, respectively, allowing the app to run offline, and specify update policy. Your update policy could be (explicit or by default) set to "always".

I don't know for sure, if you use other JNLPs as dependencies (do you?), would update policy and offline status on them affect your app or not. maybe worth checking if you still have problems after fixing your JNLP according to suggestion above.

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Hi denka,
thanks for your suggestion.

I do indeed include:

and I have tried it with both:


and I get the same error in all cases. I believe it's the check attribute, not the policy, that's important in this regard.

The JNLP file does not reference any other JNLP files.

Moreover, it's the same application and JNLP file that works with Java 6 u7 and earlier.

Thanks again,

Joined: 2003-08-30