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jmaki+jruby+NB -> GUIbuilder ? monkeybars ??

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Joined: 2008-09-17

I'd like to create a "dreamteam" out of jmaki, JRuby, NetBeans with its GUI Builder.

I can't find information how to use the NB GUI Builder in this combination.

Only monkeybars is mentioned to spoof a Java project from a Ruby project.

But this approach is rather weird for somebody learning the Ruby way and now discovers that there is no hope to escape from Java and things getting overcomplicated suddenly after getting easier with jmaki.

Jmaki looks so elegant and really lowers the Ajax entry level for a Rubyist like me.

But how can the last step to get a IDE-integrated wysiwig Ruby GUI Builder be achieved in conjunction with jmaki ?


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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi again Peter,

A for a GUI builder I imagined a embedded browser component in Netbeans with a connected palette and full integration. Right now that component is not there in eclipse.

I have since moved to Aptana (Ajax tools / server) and given my work now is Eclipse focused. Eclipse does have a browser component and I hope to create a plugin using it to build webtops. More than likely it will extend the existing plugin support that is at :

Give it a look (at least the screenshots) and let me know if this is in the direction you are thinking.

This does not mean you can't use Netbeans to develop / debug your widgets and server logic. Netbeans has good support for round trip debuging of JS code and ruby.

I'd be happy to work with you on this. Let me know (gmurray71 (a) ) how you would like to proceed.



Joined: 2008-09-17

Hi Greg,

i will come back to your offer. But i decided that i first have to deepen my knowledge about integrating jmaki publish/subscribe with my Rails application.