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BD-J platform definition (HTML and

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Hi everyone,

Good news! As promised, we've put together instructions on assembling the BD-J platform definition files that you need to view the full platform javadocs, and to make the "" file to compile BD-J applications with. It's all explained on the BD-J wiki, over at

If you're not in a hurry, you might want to hold off for a couple of weeks -- there are some Sun parts of the platform where good source code for the "stubs" isn't available yet, but it may be available as soon as early October. When this happens, we'll post an update here, and update the wiki.

Some people might have seen some "disclaimeized" stubs that were floating around among BDA member companies. If you've been using these "disclaimerized" stubs from a year or two back, these new ones are better. The Java TV portion of the javadocs is no longer "disclaimerized" - in the present form, you get English descriptions of the APIs in and with these new stubs. These descriptions are pulled from Sun's reference implementation, and not from the official specification, so they're likely to be somewhat out of date... but they're much better than nothing! When the proper stubs source is published by Sun, this problem will go away.


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Thanks so much for putting this together!