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How to integrate and use presence server

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Hi all,

Actually we are working on server side, where the proxy server holds the presence information of all the user. In Jain Slee there is a Presence Services(which is integrated by three server -- Presence Server(PS), XML Document Management Server(XDMS) and Resource Location Server(RLS)).

In the above three Server, the XDMS and PS, installation process have given in the document.
We have installed it, now we want to use that Presence Service but we dont know where to start and how to integrate.

If we get any sample code, then it will be useful for us to understand and we will program according to our requirement.


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in the following page you have the instructions we use to test releases contaning sip presence:

For integration with your own app the documentation is to be completed so stay tunned

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Deploy the sip-services DU and use any SIP client that uses SIMPLE messages for presence information.